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SpotOption Partners with Tools For Brokers for MT4 Plug-In

Tools for Brokers and SpotOption join forces to provide binary options directly on MT4 platforms

December, 2016 – SpotOption announces the successful launching of their MT4 plug-in, which was made possible through the partnership with Forex technology provider, Tools For Brokers.  The MT4 plug-in (compliant with regulation), allows forex operators who provide traders with the MT4 platform to automatically offer binary options directly on their MT4 platform, with no additional steps, set-ups, or redirection for the traders.

The integration process has been simplified, and instruments, price feeds, deposits and withdrawals are through the MT4 platform.  MT4, MetaQuote’s leading platform for forex traders, is known for flexibility and utility and is henceforth the platform of choice.  The binary options activity has shared account and wallet as the MT4 activity, and there is complete real-time synchronization.  Binary option traders can use the MT4’s expert advisor for binary trades, as well as dozens of indicators and oscillators.  Traders loyal to their MT4 can now have a new and exciting product, without making any changes to their platform or trading habits.  Furthermore, operators offering MT4 will gain another retention tool by not losing traders to the growing binary industry.

“We knew that our binary options platform would be a great benefit to operators offering MT4, and we looked for the right partners who could give us the best synchronization,” says David Ripstein, CEO of SpotOption.  “Tools For Brokers demonstrated the technological expertise we were looking for, and they definitely delivered the seamless integration that we imagined.”

“Adding binary options to MT4 is the most logical step for operators who want to expand their database, and offer additional hedging opportunities to their traders, says Aleksey Kutsenko, CEO of Tools For Brokers.  “We chose SpotOption as they are the leaders in binary options, and their platform gives MT4 the advantage of an added, simplified product with the best UI that we found.”
About Tools for Brokers:

Tools for Brokers (T4B) is a Forex technology company established in 2009. The company serves more than 250 companies working on Forex, Stocks, Futures, CFD and Binary Options Brokers markets. Having an extensive experience in development for financial markets, Tools for brokers provides integrated solutions and services for brokers that help them to increase revenues, automate processes, reduce expenses and prevent risks.
About SpotOption:

SpotOption was established in 2010, and is a leading trading technology provider.   SpotOption has a multi-platform solution for derivative trading instruments such as Binary Options, Forex, CFDs, and Ladder.   Staffing over 250 employees, including top programmers, developers, and designers, SpotOption has branches in the UK, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.  SpotOption has clientele around the globe, including Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, and Latin America.

Media Contact

Tammy Levy, Director of Marketing


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SpotOption Launches Indicator and Oscillator Products


Leading trading technology provider, SpotOption, expands trading tool portfolio for brokerages

January, 2017 – SpotOption announces their latest developments, which include statistical tools that allow the traders to better predict market movements and establish trading strategies.   SpotOption provides brokerages with a full technology solution for simplified derivative trading, and the latest momentum indicators for technical analysis serve as an important retention tool.  The indicators and oscillators further engage traders to study and analyze the market in terms of trends and probability, chart quality judgment, and understanding volumes. Henceforth, this creates a trading environment based on more intelligent predictions and derives the signals needed for a more successful trade.


SpotOption’s indicators and oscillators consist of Moving Average, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Average True Range Technical Indicator (ATR), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), and Bollinger Bands (BB).  The indicators can be easily accessed on the new and advanced CFDs platform as well, by simply clicking on the candle view on the graph, followed by the indicator icon.


“Brokers who license SpotOption’s technology should be able to equip traders with all the tools needed in order to make the most educated trades possible,” says Amir Vaknin, CTO.  “SpotOption will continue innovating trading tools that position brokers as industry leaders, enhance their retention potential, and provide the best trading experience possible.”


About SpotOption:

SpotOption was established in 2010, and is a leading trading technology provider.   SpotOption has a multi-platform solution for derivative trading instruments such as Binary Options, Forex, CFDs, and Ladder.   Staffing over 250 employees, including top programmers, developers, and designers, SpotOption has branches in the UK, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.  SpotOption has clientele around the globe, including Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, and Latin America.


Media Contact

Tammy Levy, Director of Marketing

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IFX Expo Hong Kong

We are proud to be the Diamond Sponsor at the IFX Expo in Hong Kong, 21-23 February 2017.

Come meet us at booth #32!!

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LAC 2017

Our team of experts will be visiting the London Affiliate Conference taking place at ICE on 9-12 February.


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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ICE, 7-9 February 2017

Spotoption will be exhibiting the ICE Conference, 7-9 February 2017 at the ExCel Convention Center, London at Booth # N7-430

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Unable to attend the conference? Catch all the live action happening at our booth on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn.

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13 ДЕКАБРЯ 2016

Ведущий поставщик торговых технологий SpotOption продолжает внедрять инновации для онлайн-брокеров


Ноябрь 2016 – SpotOption объявляет об успешном запуске новейшего торгового продукта CFD, контракты на разницу. Сегодня это одна из самых популярных форм торговли деривативами онлайн, и новая платформа CFD обладает теми же чертами, что сделали SpotOption ведущей платформой в мире, а именно дружественность к пользователю и простота. Платформа позволяет торговать акциями, сырьевыми товарами, валютами и индексами на ведущих мировых рынках, с гибким кредитным плечом, без ограничений коротких сделок и заимствований, с профессиональным исполнением сделок и гарантированным стоп-лосс и тейк-профит. Прозрачность платформы и развитые функции контроля риска обеспечивают гибкое управление и ответственную работу. По требованию регуляторов Евросоюза SpotOption раскрыла информацию о ряде спецификаций платформы.


Помимо нового продукта CFD, SpotOption выпускает расширение MT4, с помощью которого операторы могут автоматически предлагать решения SpotOption по бинарным опционам своим трейдерам на платформе MT4. Процесс интеграции быстрый и простой, при этом доступны общие счета и кошельки. Инструментарий, ценовые ленты, ввод и вывод средств обеспечиваются за счет MT4. Трейдеры могут использовать экспертного консультанта MT4 по бинарным опционам, а также десятки индикаторов и осцилляторов бинарной торговли. В результате брокеры смогут привлечь большую базу данных бинарных трейдеров, а также диверсифицировать свой портфель для уже существующих трейдеров без всяких дополнительных шагов, перенаправлений и настроек.


«Наша главная миссия – делать наши лейблы лидерами и законодателями мод в индустрии, – сказал гендиректор SpotOption Дэвид Рипстейн (David Ripstein). – Мы связываем большие надежды с расширением наших технологических возможностей, и мы уже сейчас наблюдаем высокий спрос на них со стороны существующих и новых клиентов. SpotOption и дальше будет прилагать все усилия, чтобы быть на острие революции финансовых технологий».


О SpotOption:


Компания SpotOption была основана в 2010 году и является ведущим поставщиком торговых технологий. SpotOption обладает комплексом решений для разных платформ, обеспечивающих торговлю такими деривативными инструментами, как бинарные опционы, Forex, CFD и лестница. Компания обладает штатом из более чем 250 сотрудников, включая ведущих программистов, разработчиков и дизайнеров. Имеет представительства в Лондоне, Гонконге и Израиле. Клиенты SpotOption – около 300 лейблов из Европы, Азии, Австралии, Ближнего Востока, США и Латинской Америки.


Контактное лицо: Tammy Levi, директор по маркетингу.

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SpotOption Launches New CFDs Platform, and MT4 Plug-In

Leading trading technology provider, SpotOption, continues to innovate for online brokerages.

November, 2016 –  SpotOption announces the successful launch of the latest trading product, CFDs.  Contract for Differences have become one of the most popular forms of derivative trading online, and SpotOption’s CFD platform has captured the same user-friendly and simplified approach that has made SpotOption a world-renowned software provider focused on the trader experience.  The CFD platform allows for trading on stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices, in major markets around the world, with flexible leverages, no shorting rules or borrowing stocks, and professional executions with guaranteed stop-loss and take-profit. The platform’s transparency and risk control functions facilitate exposure management and responsible trading. SpotOption disclosed that certain specifications have been implemented into the platform, in order to comply with European regulatory standards.

Along with the new CFDs product, SpotOption also launched their MT4 Plug-In, which allows MT4 operators to automatically offer SpotOption’s prominent binary options solution to their traders directly within their MT4 platform.  The integration process is fast and simple, and it allows for account and wallet sharing.  The instruments and price feeds are through MT4, as are the deposits and withdrawals.  Traders can also use MT4’s Expert Advisor for binary options, as well as dozens of indicators and oscillators for binary trading.  This allows brokerages to attract a whole new database of binary traders, as well as diversify their portfolio for existing traders, without any additional steps, redirections, or set-ups.

“Our ongoing mission is to position our labels as industry trend-setters and leaders,” says David Ripstein, CEO of SpotOption.  “We have great expectations from the expansion of our technological offerings, and have already witnessed the demand for implementation by existing and new clients.  SpotOption will continue to strive to remain at the forefront of the FinTech revolution. ”

 About SpotOption:

SpotOption was established in 2010, and is a leading trading technology provider.   SpotOption has a multi-platform solution for derivative trading instruments such as Binary Options, Forex, CFDs, and Ladder.   Staffing over 250 employees, including top programmers, developers, and designers, SpotOption has branches in London, Hong Kong, and Israel.  SpotOption’s clientele stands at 300 labels, with clients in Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, USA, and Latin America.

Media Contact:

Tammy Levy, Director of Marketing

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Come join us!

1.Server Side Developer #1107

SpotOption is seeking for a talented and experienced server side developer that will take the development of an integrated gaming server into the production level.


  • Knowledge in NodeJS / Complicated JavaScript projects (gulp.js advantage).
  • Expert in OOP and High knowledge of design patterns.
  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSql DB.
  • Experienced in a server side process developing.
  • Familiar with network protocols SocketIO TCP UDP HTTP.
  • Familiar with in memory DB.
  • Knowledge in Linux server environment.
  • Knowledge of Restfull API.
  • Advantage: Knowledge of MongoDB.
  • Advantage: Familiar with the iGaming industry.
  • High motivated with self-learning and research abilities skills.

2.PHP Developer #1095


  • At least 2 years of experience with oop in PHP – a must
  • Experience with MySQL –a must
  • Knowledge and experience in html, css, js and jquery – a must
  • Experience in laravel framework – an advantage
  • Experience in redis and memcache – an advantage
  • Self-learning ability
  • High level of English – a must
  1. Zend Framework 2 developer #1008


  • At least 2 years of experience with OOP in PHP – a must
  • Experience with MySQL (Working with MySQL, building complex queries) – a must
  • Knowledge and Experience in HTML, CSS, JS, and Jquery – a must
  • Experience with Zend Framework 2 or other frameworks
  • Self-learning ability
  • Medium/High level of English

4.Lead Generation #1111

The lead generation Manager will lead a process of identifying business opportunities and acquiring new leads. The challenges include creating a healthy process from research, to closing by colleagues, leveraging marketing channels, developing the pitch materials, and eventually increase the amount of new clients to work with SpotOption.

Job Responsibilities

  • Research the market to identify sales opportunities and potential clients.
  • Work closely with the marketing and Sales teams to ensure that sales pipeline remains full with qualified leads & prospects.
  • Generate qualified sales opportunities based on defined criteria, by using multi-media tools (such as social networks, professional forms, emails and such).
  • Prospect for clients and pitch new business via proactive outbound pursue.
  • Work closely with local sales teams – support and assist the sales teams to accelerate sales cycle and reach monthly targets.
  • Representing SpotOption with integrity and professionalism at all times in all written and oral communications.

Job Requirements

  • At least 2-3 Years of experience in Lead generation
  • Languages – Fluent English. Additional languages – is an advantage.
  • Fintech /Online industry – experience/orientation.
  • University degree.
  • Team player.

5.Freelance/part time content writer for the Financial market   #1109


  • Proven experience in writing for the financial market (forex, Binary options, News…)
  • Experience in writing analytic reviews and market predictions (how events could affect the markets)
  • Experience in writing marketing content for email and content websites like Outbrain and Taboola – a major advantage
  • Native level English
  • Knowledge in WordPress – an advantage
  • Experience in Binary options – a big advantage
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Spotoption’s Advantages

Spot2, SpotOption’s newest platform, is centered around providing the best trader experience ever. As SpotOption is officially today’s leading Binary Options platform provider, with over 300 white labels, and 5 million trades going through the SpotOption platform monthly, SpotOption has the experience to know what the traders want. With every last detail carefully thought out, the Spot2 platform provides operators with the most marketable binary options solution available today.

Licensed market making via collaboration with SpotOption Exchange
Most advanced and unique features
Full API for integration
MT4 Plug-in
Amazing mobile application
Time to market = 4 weeks
Strong ROI – immediate revenues generated
Online platform – no downloading required, or downloadable version
User-friendly, highly marketable platforms
Reliable, advanced security and technology
Professional risk technology that ensures site profitability
First-class service and project management
Complete flexibility and customization of platform
Over 250 assets available
Marketing optimization tools

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Reseller Program

Reseller is an individual or company that is interested in recommending or selling the SpotOption platform to potential White Labels. The SpotOption reseller program is based on mutual trust and commitment as well as dedication to a common goal.

• Excellent revenue share program
• Personal connection to a dedicated account manager
• Timely payouts
• Support and training through the sales process
• Opportunity to sell the most advanced platform available

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