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Complete Solution

SpotOption provides operators with every aspect of running a binary options business. Operators can choose between the total solution, or simply integrating certain elements.

Providing all the right elements, The SpotOption front end makes any trader want to deposit funds and start trading.
•Web-based, no download, no hassles
•Completely branded to your company’s look, feel, and company information
•State-of-the-art design, highly marketable
•Extremely user-friendly and inviting
•Translated into as many languages as you choose
•Sophisticated Algorithm Monitoring all open options
•SEO compatible
•Requires no maintenance
•Integrates with all leading payment methods
•Consists of all the content necessary for the most professional, sophisticated
•website available
•Charts and graphs
•Live Help/Chat
•Instructions on how to trade
•Analyst Reviews
•Informational content – Glossary, FAQs, Asset Index

•Top-notch connectivity, feeds from top-feed providers
•High-performing, reliable, secure
•Cutting–edge data warehousing allowing real-time reports
•Customizable data streams

SpotOption does all the work for you. However, sometimes you want to change some of the content in your site by yourself, so we provide you with a state-of-the-art system that provides you with quick and simple control of your site.
•User-friendly, immediate
•Gives you independence to edit
•Organized in a clear manner
•Translates to any language for your comfort
•SEO compatible

Our Customer Relations Management (CRM) program is designed to make your site activity visible and accessible to you so that you stay in ultimate control of your business. Allowing you complete access to all information regarding your business activity, the CRM is divided into 9 dashboards – Customers, Leads, Depositors, Management, Campaigns, Exposure, Back Office, Accounting and Affiliates.
•Simple yet sophisticated
•Gives you independence to edit
•Organized in a clear manner
•Allows for proper analyzing and tracking of sales campaigns
•Helps monitor and forecast sales activity
•Improves sales team communication with existing and potential customers


SpotOption’s Risk Analysis department monitors operator exposure, to ensure operator security and loss prevention from fraudulent or suspicious activities. SpotOption’s Risk Analyzers are equipped with sophisticated algorithms that monitor all open positions, around-the-clock.
•Synergetic Risk Analysis solution with data feed connectivity
•Sophisticated algorithm monitoring all open options
•Asset pricing by expert analysts
•24/7 dedicated risk analyzers monitoring your activity

SpotOption will take care of all your processing needs, by integrating you with the best processor for your specific business model. Assuring that you receive the best rates available, we take care of all the technical and compliance factors.
•Billing Integration
•Monitor all financial operation and volumes on one place from deposit to payout
•Complete detailed documentation and reports
•Most advanced Fraud prevention tools to minimize chargebacks
•Leading payment methods
•Multiple currencies with identical processing and settlement

Service at SpotOption is a team effort, but clients deserve a single point of contact for their technical issues. SpotOption’s customer support department was created with the goal of providing clients with the fastest, most professional, and efficient service possible. If there is any kind of problem, white labels know that the customer support team is there for them, and ready to respond and solve without hesitation or delay.
•Trained and skilled professionals regarding company products/services
•Qualified to determining problems and providing solutions
•Experienced in updating, making changes to customer accounts
•Reply promptly and courteously to customer needs and concerns
•Provides records and updates of actions taken to solve problems

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