What Is a whitelabel

A white label is an independent operator that chooses to receive a license to use the SpotOption software. With the purchase of this license, operators receive all of the programs and services that SpotOption offers, fully branded to the look and feel of their choosing. This can either be as an independent operation or part of an already existing brand.

The White Label will then begin collecting revenues, and share a portion of it (commission) with SpotOption for providing them with their ongoing service and technology.


  • Receive a turnkey solution
  • Saves costs on IT infrastructure, development, and staff
  • Establishes a presence in the popular and growing derivatives industry
  • Affordable with minimal upfront costs
  • 24/7 first class support from our staff
  • State-of-the-art design aimed at your target market
  • Integration to the hottest trends in trading including live chat, news, charts, and market analysis
  • Management by industry’s top financial and technical professionals